PV Incentives

PON 1050 Solar Electric Incentive Program

The Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an Order, effective October 28, 2008, to reallocate funding to the Customer-Sited Tier of the Renewable Portfolio Standard. As part of that Order, the PSC authorized $20.6 million for the solar photovoltaic (PV) category.

More details regarding this can be found in the PSC’s full Order.


It’s an innovative program from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) that provides cash incentives for the installation of new Solar Electric or Photovoltaic (PV) systems by Eligible Installers. Funding of approximately $13.8 million in incentives, through 2009, for the Solar Electric Incentive Program (“Program”) has been allocated by the New York State Renewable Portfolio Standard. Additional funding may be made available based on customer demand and program success. Incentives are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications will be accepted through September 30, 2009, or until funds are fully committed, whichever comes first.


The cash incentives are available for qualified systems and customers, through applications submitted to the Program by an “Eligible Installer.” Eligible Installers are those who have demonstrated technical competence in the PV field and who have signed written agreements with NYSERDA to abide by certain Program terms and conditions. The cash incentives are paid directly to the Eligible Installer, but must be passed on in full to the customers. A list of all Eligible Installers is available on NYSERDA’s website at www.powernaturally.org/Programs/Solar/Installerspv.asp?i=1.

Eligible Installers are responsible for preparing and submitting all necessary incentive paperwork to NYSERDA.

In general, incentives for a typical residential or commercial system cover approximately 40-45% of the installed cost of a PV System. For commercial systems, incentives may be combined with loan assistance from NYSERDA through the NY Energy $mart Loan FundSM to the extent available. Customers may also be eligible for New York State and federal tax credits.

PV installers, electricians, builders, and contractors with training and experience in designing and installing PV Systems are encouraged to submit applications to become Eligible Installers. Installers can apply for Eligible Installer status at any time while the program is open. Once approved, Eligible Installers can apply for financial incentives for PV Systems meeting the requirements of this Program.


The following rules apply to the Program and the payment of incentives. Please read them carefully, as they affect the eligibility of the PV System for cash incentives from NYSERDA:

Incentives are only available for PV Systems installed by an Eligible Installer.

Incentives are paid directly to Eligible Installers, but must be passed on in the full amount to the customer.

Incentives will not be provided directly to customers purchasing or installing PV Systems.

Incentives are available for systems installed for qualified customers. Qualified customers are those who pay the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)/Systems Benefits Charge (SBC) as part of their electricity bill.

Incentives are only available for new equipment and PV Systems that have not been installed (partially or completely) prior to NYSERDA approval of an incentive application submitted in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Program.

Incentives are capped based on a PV System size that produces no greater than 110% of the demonstrated annual electric use (i.e. past electric bills) for the site.

All potential system output losses (kilowatt hours or kWh generated after all equipment losses are applied) associated with shading, system orientation, tilt angle, etc., must be analyzed and detailed for each PV System by the Eligible Installers. If your system is shaded by trees, faces east or west, or is installed on a flat roof, the kWh output of your PV System will be less than ideal. All impacts on system output must be quantified and are considered during the review of applications submitted by the Eligible Installer. Incentives are reduced in proportion to output losses when losses from factors such as shading and orientation exceed 20% for a traditional PV System and 40% for building integrated PV Systems.

Incentive levels may be changed at any time while the incentive is open. Any revisions in the incentive or incentive levels will be posted on NYSERDA’s website.

If you think the NYSERDA Solar Electric Incentive Program might be right for you or your client, we encourage you to visit the links below to learn more.

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Eligible Installer AgreementAttachment A

Addendum to Customer Purchase AgreementAttachment B

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If you need any further information or have a question regarding NYSERDA’sPV Incentive Program or other NYSERDA programs, please call (518) 862-1090 or send an email to [email protected]