Disclaimer for Eligible Wind Installers

NYSERDA’s list of Eligible wind installers is based solely upon information provided by Eligible Installers participating in NYSERDA Wind incentive program (PON 792). NYSERDA and the State of New York make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of the information. Neither NYSERDA nor the State of New York: (1) endorse any Eligible Installer listed; or (2) guaranty, warranty, or in any way represent or assume liability for any work proposed or carried out by an Eligible Installer. Additionally, NYSERDA is not responsible for assuring that the design, engineering and construction of the project or installation of any wind system is proper or complies with any particular laws (including patent laws), regulations, codes, or industry standards. NYSERDA does not make any representations of any kind regarding the results to be achieved by the wind systems or the adequacy or safety of such measures.

Important Program Features

Please take a few minutes to read the program summary presented below before contacting an eligible installer about installing a wind system under this program. It is important that consumers understand how the program works and some of the key features of the program. Additionally, some important program features that are worth noting include:

Eligible Installers are only authorized to apply for incentives for eligible wind systems for specific customers. Eligible Installers are authorized to proceed with installations on a project by project basis.

Incentives will not be approved for systems that have been partially or completely installed before NYSERDA has approved an incentive application.

NYSERDA must review and approve every application for a customer’s wind system submitted by an eligible installer. Although every effort is made to review applications as quickly as possible, this process may take up to 21 days, depending on the completeness of the application submitted as it relates to the program terms and conditions. System installations under this program can not begin until NYSERDA has informed the installer that the system has been approved, in writing. You should ask your contractor for a copy of the approval letter from NYSERDA for your wind system before installation works begins. Also note that even though you may sign an agreement with an eligible installer on a certain date, the approximate time period of 21 days for review and approval begins when NYSERDA receives the incentive application from the Eligible Installer.

It is important to select a wind installer like you would any other home improvement contractor. Call at least three eligible installers for price quotes on comparable systems, ask for customer references and check their references, ask about their insurance coverage, and be sure that once you select an eligible installer you are familiar with the program features summarized below so that you better understand the program steps and timing considerations.